What We Do

In a digital age where websites are being created every day, requiring password logins and with search capabilities becoming more complicated, Whotever gives users the power to access and control their favorite websites based on the users’ preferences as well as reduce turnaround time on internet searches on a single platform. Using the powerful patent-pending Lifestyle™ technology, Whotever allows you to access full fledge websites, not URL links, that are password-free, via your mobile phone or your web enabled device anytime, anywhere.

How it Works

Whether you are on your mobile phone, or your computer's web browser, all that's required to register with Whotever is a valid email address, maintaining your anonymity at all times. Once registered, users can begin adding their websites. Whotever connects you to thousands of unlimited websites added and pulls the most pertinent data from each preference to your Whotever dashboard. You can even improve your search experience based on these preferences the users create which will produce more accurate results.

Key Benefits

Whotever, an advanced website management portal, will become a lifesaver to thousands of users just like you. With Whotever you will:

  • Enjoy on-the-go access to all your favorite websites with Whotever on your cell phone, computer or wherever there is internet access
  • Cure password amnesia forever by linking directly to all websites from Whotever
  • Find new interests based on your profile and get relevant answers from your searches.